Sealcoating your asphalt surface is an easy way to extend the life of the asphalt and improve the curb appeal of your property.  Our team takes pride in ensuring the sealcoating process is done right.  This includes:


– Carefully cleaning and prepping the asphalt to ensure sealant can adhere properly

– Over-lapping a spray of 1-2 coats of CSI’s specially formulated sealant

– Hand finished edges and areas near structures and/or landscaping ensures a clean, professional finish


Typically, sealcoating is done every 3-5 years to protect your asphalt surface from the elements and avoid costly repairs.  Contact us today for a FREE quote!!




Pavement cracks cannot be avoided.  You can, however, avoid the high cost of asphalt replacement by hot filling and sealing cracks on a regular basis.  CSI Asphalt Maintenance’s annual crack sealing service prevents water, dirt and debris from entering cracks and weakening the pavement’s sub-base, which leads to potholes and further damage.  CSI uses several methods for treating cracks:


– PennDOT approved oil-jacketed, temperature controlled melter, where HOT rubber is hydraulically INJECTED into cracks to ensure a complete fill.

– Smaller cracks may be gravity fed and filled using a direct fire SM10 crack filler

– Pour pots and V-squeegees are used for small areas and minor cracking


Prior to filling/sealing any cracks all cracks are cleared of debris and vegetation, and when appropriate CSI uses an Industrial ‘Crack Jet’ machine.  Using 90psi of forced hot air with temps of up to 2800 degrees it dries ALL moisture in seconds and blows cracks clean while etching the walls/surface of cracks for MAXIMUM rubber adhesion.  By properly filling, sealing and maintaining cracks you can extend the life of your pavement for a fraction of the cost of paving.   


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CSI recommends conventional asphalt repairs when larger potholes and cracked areas have penetrated and eroded the sub-base. This process includes: cutting out and removing failed asphalt, repairing base and applying/leveling new asphalt to the existing surfaces, CSI then applies a HOT crack seal along the perimeter of the repair.




CSI provides new layouts, stenciling, or re-striping of any lot! We use asphalt paints that are resist to weathering, stand up to traffic and are fast drying.  Call us today to see how re-striping your lot can create a safer, more appealing location.