Q: Why should I choose CSI Asphalt Maintenance to sealcoat or crack seal my driveway/parking lot?

CSI has more than 15 years of sealcoating experience.  We pride ourselves on quality work, honesty, professionalism, attention to detail, up to date equipment, the best products, customer satisfaction,  and continued education, both nationally and locally, in the Asphalt Maintenance field. CSI is family owned and operated, and we stand behind our work 100%!


Q: Why should I seal my driveway or parking lot?

Sealcoating protects the pavement from deterioration against oxidation, moisture and other elements, by creating a protective barrier.


Q: How often should I have my driveway or parking lot sealcoated?

Asphalt should be sealed every 2-3 years depending on the traffic, weather, etc.


Q: When is the best time of year to have my driveway sealcoated?

Asphalt can be sealcoated anytime as long as the temperature stays above 50°F. We recommend spring/summer so your home looks great for the summer and your driveway is protected for the upcoming winter.


Q: How long should I wait to seal my driveway after it’s been paved?

Asphalt can be sealed 45-90 days after installation, it is important that the asphalt cures before it is sealcoated.


Q: What are the customer’s responsibilities before and after the sealcoating?

BEFORE the job, customer must turn off hoses/sprinklers to prevent any mishaps to newly treated asphalt.

BEFORE the job, customer must remove and park vehicles away from asphalt area to be serviced.

BEFORE the job, customer should remove dirt, grass, moss, and/or debris to save time and money(Failure to do this may result in increase bid/quote).

AFTER the job, customer must remove caution tape or barricades blocking driveway/parking lot (24-48hrs).


Q: How many coats of sealer will be applied?

Residential surfaces require one coat and commercial lots will receive two coats.


Q: Do I have to be home on the day my driveway is sealed?

No, as long as the driveway or parking lot is clear of all vehicles, containers, etc. we can complete the job.


Q: What if it rains after my driveway is sealcoated?

Sealer will dry enough after a couple hours of application to prevent rain from washing it away.  If it does get washed away CSI will reapply sealer to those areas free of charge. We are consistently monitoring the weather during our working season.


Q: How long do I need to stay off my driveway or parking lot after it has been sealed?

Typically you need to stay off the pavement for 24-48 hours after sealing. This may change due to weather and seasonality.


Q: How long does it take for the sealcoat to cure?

Under most conditions it will take 30 days.  It is important to use caution while turning wheels while vehicles are stopped within these 30 days.


Q: I see tire marks and turn marks, on my driveway, is this to be concerned about?

It is very common to see tire marks and power steering marks within the first 30 days after a sealcoat.  These marks will begin to fade after the product cures and hardens


Q: What is CSI’s payment policy?

CSI typically needs 50% down at time of signing, and the remaining 50% of contract is due immediately upon completion of job.  We accept cash, check, and major credit cards.