Infrared repair offers a cost-effective, durable and environmentally-friendly solution to dangerous potholes!  And it is a more permanent solution for patching alligatored or failed asphalt areas.

Advantages of Infrared Repair

It’s a cost-effective, long-term solution!     Infrared technology melts the repair to the existing asphalt resulting in a seamless patch that is thermally bonded to the surrounding pavement.  Without seams, water cannot penetrate the area creating a more permanent patch and eliminating future high-cost repairs.   The finished product has the same or better life expectancy as the surrounding asphalt.

 It’s environmentally friendly! By reworking and recycling up to 95% of the existing asphalt it saves on new material and equipment use.  By expediting repairs infrared has a carbon footprint that is 50% less than conventional repairs.

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The Infrared Repair Process

Infrared technology is used to heat the affected area, softening the asphalt pavement into a hot mixture.  Once heated the softened asphalt is sprayed with a rejuvenator to create a workable recycled mix.  The mix is then raked back into place and more hot mix is added when necessary. The area is then compacted to level.  The result is a seamless repair that is thermally bonded to the surrounding pavement.


Infrared Asphalt Repair is arguably the best pavement repair investment for the money.

Uses For Infrared 

Pothole repairs

High and low spots (bird baths)

Alligatored areas

Oil spot repair

Thermoplastic installation

Repairs around storm drains, manholes, etc.

Trip hazards

Cold seams

Utility repairs

Rework/touch up of overlays

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