CSI Asphalt Maintenance takes pride in using the BEST products available on the market today.



We stand behind the fact that our sealant contains the proper ratio of concentrate, strengthening additives, sand and water. We use a Coal Tar and/or Asphalt Emulsion and add several additives and sand to our sealer. These additives increase the sealers resistance to water, oil, fuel and grease, and helps to evenly distribute the Black Beauty/Silica sand throughout our tanks. The sand improves overall durability of the sealer and provides traction on your asphalt surface for the wintry months. 


Our crack sealant is a melted rubber and does NOT become ‘sticky’ or ‘tacky’ when exposed to the sun on really hot days and remains flexible during the winter months up to -20 degrees.


We use only the most durable and finest traffic paints you can buy.  Check out POCONO RACETRACK!